Our Services

We solve complex
infrastructure challenges
for your projects.

We offer more than HVAC services. We offer full service infrastructure support for your project across five key areas; specialised fabrication, mechanical services & air conditioning, industrial ventilation, water infrastructure and telecommunications infrastructure. 


Complex Industrial and Mechanical
Services for Australian Industry

Specalised Fabrication
Complex Steel Works

Our passionate team and purpose-built facilities allow us to provide premium specialised services for all your complex steel fabrication. Our long-standing experience and reputation in the industry means we are well equipped to understand your specific needs and provide a solution when others can't.

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Mechanical Services
Heating, Ventilation Air-Conditioning services

We provide a wide variety of solutions for complex mechanical ventilation and air conditioning for large scale industrial construction projects. From design and construct to asset management and preventative maintenance we offer a complete, high level solution all projects types.

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Industrial Ventilation
Enviromental Saftey Services

Air quality is a pillar of health and safety for many manufacturing and industrial operations. We provide industrial ventilation solutions to ensure the safety of your workers from hazardous chemicals, dust and other environmental contaminates.

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Telecommunication Infrastructure
Mobile Towers & Base Stations

We have become a premium & trusted provider of mobile communication towers and basestations across Australia. By leveraging our design and construction teams, we have created industry standards in the mobile base station constructions & maintenance.

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Water Infrastructure
Sintakote Steel Pipe Fabrication

As a licensed and premium fabricator of Steel Mains, Sintakote Steel Pipeline Fittings, HVAC is able to provide design and construction support to water infrastructure projects. Our team are able to manufacture a full range of end configurations to provide a complete custom solution for complex pipe configurations.

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HVAC is unapologetic about supporting Australian industry with high quality, local solutions and supplies.

In a world of cost cutting and pre fabrication HVAC stands strong in our commitment to use high quality Australia steel & local fabricators to ensure the integrity & longevity for all of our HVAC projects. HVAC's way of thinking allows us to solve the many complex challenges that arise during construction projects with highest quality & safest solutions, built to last.
We are a well established supporter of Australian Industry, having over 35 years of working partnerships with Australia's most reputable construction companies, whilst completing in excess of 5000 projects. Our experience and commitment to quality & safety are what separates us from others and is why you should choose HVAC.

Our Core Values.


HVAC believes strength comes through diversity of our people, experience and skills. This is why we are committed to diversity in our teams and in our service offerings.


The foundation of trust is integrity.
We are committed to the integrity of the materials we use and the relationships we build.


Safety is a fundamental right of our people and the community our products serve. "All ways safe" is our work safe banner and is at the forefront of everything we do.


There is no substitute for experience. With over 35 years of operations we continue to thrive and deliver our work with our  experienced people and contractors.


Australia produces the highest quality products and services in the world. This is why we continue to use Australian steel and employ a local team.

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