HVAC Conquers Island
HVAC Conquers Island

What do you know about Christmas Island? It houses a quarantine centre, it is very close to  Indonesia, it hosts the annual red crab migration and its main income is from mining phosphate, in fact dusty phosphate.  

Did you know it also houses HVAC dust collectors to help maintain its clean air?  

In 1998 HVAC supplied three dust collectors to Christmas Island Phosphates (CIP) which holds the  phosphate mining lease on the Island. 

The dust collectors were installed on the island's conveyor system running from the mine to the  loading facility at the wharf. 

Dust is generated where one conveyor tips onto the other and this tipping action causes the dust to  become air borne .  

Our dust collectors prevent the airborne dust by extracting it from the air into dust collector filters  before releasing it in a controlled manner back onto the conveyors.  

The CIP installation was another success for both CIP and HVAC following on from many hundreds of  dust collector projects over the 30 years HVAC’s Industrial Ventilation division has been operating.  

HVAC provides end-to-end capability from; initial advice, feasibility, system design, design of  specialist dust collectors, fabrication, surface treatment, project management, transport in and out  of gauge, shipping logistics, installation, commissioning, service programs, and spare parts.  

HVAC manufactures a large range of dust collector filters including our Envirojet, Jet-set and Jet-row  models. These filters are now complemented by our partnership with Camfil Australia offering their Gold Series range of dust collectors.

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