Bundamba STP – Supply & Fabrication of MSCACL Pipe & Fittings
Bundamba STP – Supply & Fabrication of MSCACL Pipe & Fittings

Scope of Work

HVAC Australia supplied Ventia’s Water Business “Broadspectrum” MSCACL Pipe and Fittings for the Discharge pipework to the Bioreactor Flow Splitter, Process pipework, Sewer Rising Main and the High Flow Bypass Chamber. 

We are a licensed fabricator of Sintakote Steel Pipeline Fittings. Sintakote®, developed by Steel Mains, is a fusion bonded medium density polyethylene coating for steel pipe, which is capable of providing a 100-year life corrosion protection system even when installed in the harshest ground environments. Sintakote has over 40 years application experience in the Australian market, and enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the world’s most superior pipeline coatings.

The Bundamba Sewage Treatment Plant is Ipswich’s largest treatment plant, receiving wastewater from more than 133,000 people every day. This project comprised a range of works to renew and upgrade several important pieces of infrastructure at the plant, including the inlet works where solids are screened out of wastewater.




HVAC Australia were required to fabricate and deliver a quantity of large diameter (914mm o/d) Sintakoted, Calcium Aluminate lined steel fittings and pipes to land on site within the constraints of a dynamic site schedule. 

Fittings for several work fronts needed to be supplied in unison to ensure a smooth installation program on site while liaising with transport companies and suppliers of proprietary items to ensure a successful outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Engineering Solutions

Fabrication, coating and lining processes were scheduled within HVAC`s integrated system to have multiple processes progressing through our manufacturing facility in parallel to ensure output from our facility lined up with the required program.

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