Wyong Hospital Redevelopment
Wyong Hospital Redevelopment

The Wyong Hospital Main Works Project includes the construction of a new ClinicalServices Building (CSB) comprising of a 6 storey Clinical Services Building,Link Bridge, minor refurbishments to existing building associated with the link bridge connection, formalisation of the existing east-west road connection toLouisiana Road, formalisation and upgrade of the campus car parking, and providing due diligence for the remaining refurbishment works including service locating.



Richard Crookes Constructions



Central Coast,NSW


Scope of Work

The MechanicalServices scope of works comprises the provision of Mechanical Air & Water, MechanicalElectrical, BMCS and Pneumatic Tube Services. The Mechanical Services includes the complete design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the works.






1.    Open services riser spanning five levels containing CHW, HHW and refrigerant pipework, ductwork, pneumatic tube, cable trays presented safety issue due to fall risk

2.    Minimal plant room space on a number of Levels

3.    Building was better sealed than the anticipated 0.5 ACH resulting in over pressurisation during fire mode

4.    Pandemic mode – design/installation of a new dedicated AHU and exhaust fan serving ICU pandemic area – requirement came in at the end of the job when plant rooms were already designed and partially installed


Engineering Solutions

1.    Designed, supplied & Installed prefab riser

2.    Replaced single zone AHU’s with multi-coil AHU’s

3.    Redesign of the fire matrix late in the project; final result was turning pressurisation air handling units off in fire mode – still easily achieving zone pressures

4.    Detailed coordination, redesign of risers (including new slab penetrations)

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