Telecommunications Tower Replacement
Telecommunications Tower Replacement


Therdbo Ski Resort, Crackenback Lift Station

Scope of Work

HVAC was requested to manufacture and install a new concrete foundation with heavy duty
monopole within the Thredbo Ski Resort NSW.




The resort is located within the Snowy Mountains and Kosciuszko National Park.
Environmentally sensitive, and enormously difficult terrain meant access for heavy vehicles and
plant was not an option. An engineered solution was necessary to install the infrastructure for
the client within their time and budget constraints.

Engineering Solutions

The option of installation using a helicopter was decided on as the most cost-effective solution.
Construction by air meant that the terrain difficulties are overcome and all environmental
considerations are met. To facilitate the construction method, the design of the monopole was

changed to match the lifting capacity of the Helicopter. All materials including concrete were
brought to the site by air. This approach resulted in a safe, relatively fast and environmentally
friendly build.

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