Surf Lakes Yeppoon Wave Pool Prototype U-Tube
Surf Lakes Yeppoon Wave Pool Prototype U-Tube

Project Title

Surf LakesYeppoon Wave Pool Prototype U-Tube



Engenuity Solutions



Yeppoon, Qld


Scope of Work

Fabrication and welding of large diameter pipework for Surf Lakes Yeppoon Wave Pool





Challenge &Solutions

The size of the project and limitations of time, space and craneage meant careful planning was required to ensure the project ran smoothly through the workshop. Good communication and planning facilitated by the Project Manager between client, logistics, and workshop fabrication team assured the project was delivered on time and on budget.  

The strict deadlines of the job required both a day shift and afternoon shift to push the job towards its delivery date. Due to the long hours and round the clock shifts, a strong focus was kept on fatigue management and WHS by the workshop management team to ensure that there were no accidents or injuries during the project.  

As with any project - even with good planning, unforeseen challenges occur, and one such challenge was the current draw from the sheer number of welders running simultaneously, overloaded the circuit breaks on the shed. No time was wasting in setting up HVACs site generators, and production was back underway, with minimal down time.

The experience and skill level of the workshops fabrication and welding team coupled withHVACs comprehensive QA system resulted in a high-quality project delivered on a tight schedule.

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